Getting together with other people local to us and having conversations is vital to the health of our communities. It has been sadly lacking for quite a while and one of the key missions of what we are doing here is to reverse this trend by being a catalyst for getting people together locally.

In our South West Herts District we are fortunate to have many opportunities to meet up. We provide a wide variety of events on different days of the week at different times and this has been the kick start needed to start bringing people together again once more.

Wherever possible we use locally owned and operated independent businesses in which to host our events and are building a vibrant group of coffee shops as part of the "Coffee Shop Union".

We host (1) community events to bring people together and have conversations, (2) community innovation events, to discuss what and how we can improve our communities, create projects, and take action, and then the third type (3) town business creativity events (Link4Business), bringing business owners together, to not only innovate for themselves, but also for the local economy, and as a collaborative team; we are stronger together.

The community events are all free to attend and literally anyone can go along. You DO NOT need to be in business and you will be greeted with a smile and introduced to other local people who are interested in having conversations, meeting new people, taking action and making a difference in the community.

Click to obtain a list of all our free local community events and book in

Click image above to obtain a list of all our free local community events and book in

The Link4Business - Business creativity events are free to attend on your first visit. These creativity and innovation events are very different to the more traditional business networking available in the district.

(Please do click through to the 'Town Business Creatives' page to find out more about everything available to you as a business, in the local area.)

Local Link4Business events can be found by clicking the links below :-

Link4Business ~ Town Business Creative - Watford
Link4Business ~ Town Business Creative - Rickmansworth

To attend a Link4Business event for the 1st time, you will need a promotion code. When you visit the event booking page click the tickets link. Click the 'enter promotion code' link and enter : 1stVisit ..... this will reduce the cost of the ticket to zero.