The world is continually changing and it is evolving at a progressively faster rate each year. Education is now a life long experience not something that finishes when we leave school or university.

For people in business or those that just want to re-skill it is a real challenge to find good quality and affordable training and education. Also collectively as a nation we have all the knowledge we need, the challenge is that it is locked inside people's heads and no easy way to enable them to share that knowledge with those that want it.

In South West Herts we are putting together "on the ground" training to share local knowledge and expertise on a wide range of topics.

To the left you can see a diary of the workshops. These can all be booked via the Events on the SWHerts FB Page.

There is also a website that explains the booking process and the unique payment method...

"Pay according to the value you believe you received"

Visit the website here...

Not everyone is able to attend physical on the ground training. Sometimes we also need just sounbites and short 'Coffee & Cake' style advice and guidance.

The Link4Skills platform "The People's University" has been created to provide a wide range of affordable workshops and training both online and offline. Link4Skills is not a training organisation rather it encourages people in the community to share their knowledge easily with others. The ethos is that all training should be flexible, affordable, and high quality, making it accessible to everyone that wants to learn. On the flip side creating a space for those that have expertise to share their experience and knowledge.

Below is a calendar of workshops that are available through Link4Skills, many more will be added over the coming months and if you would like to run a workshop through the platform then please do make contact below.

Visit the Link4Skills website here to book any of the workshops

There will also be a whole section of on-demand workshops that you can book and consume immediately the link for those is here.

If you would like to run a workshop through the Link4Skills platform then please use the Contact us form